This is us. The joint venture between Gorilla Corporation, LionAid, Alchemy World NGO and the Ethiopian Wildlife and Conservation Agency. We are the team driving the strategy of this Defend the Lion Program, and its implementation in Ethiopia. 

Daniel G. Tedros, 

General Manager, Alchemy World NGO


Danny has a long background in Executive Management roles, originally within within Hewlett Packard and NCR where he served as CEO for various countries in East Africa.  His passion for driving development in Ethiopia led him to take overall charge of the Alchemy World NGO since 2006, during this tenure he led the organization to success and has established solid political support at every level of government. 


Daniel is the center piece of our venture, and will carry on leading and proudly serving his nation through the implementation of this ambitious program.

Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere.

CEO Gorilla Corporation

Founder Alchemy World NGO


Carlo is a social and serial entrepreneur, recipient of multiple awards. In 1992 Carlo founded, and was CEO of Advanced Alchemy, an international channel development agency (USA, UK, Canada) serving leading names in the ICT sector, including IBM, Sun, Microsoft, Sony, BT, Nokia, HP. 

In 2006 Carlo launched Alchemy World, a humanitarian aid agency based in East Africa focusing on delivering poverty alleviation and economic growth through private sector development and entrepreneurship. During this time he was Trade and Industry Advisor to the Ethiopian Government and its President. He also took assignments for the United Nations International Labour Organization, and the United Nations International Childrens Fund (UNICEF). He remains Non Executive Chairman of Alchemy World, and heavily engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Currently, Chairman and CEO of Gorilla Corporation, an international group of companies with interests and activities that include Technology Sales and Marketing, Developing SMB Private Sector for several countries, Mergers & Acquisitions, and through Optima, Telecommunication Sector Privatization and Development. 

Carlo is a special constituent member of the World Economic Forum, and a strategic advisor. His work in this field makes full use of his extensive political capital and he remains deeply committed to improving the state of the world. 

Daniel G. TEDROS

Team Ethiopia


Kumara Wakijira

Program Director, Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority


Kumara has been working in Ethiopian wildlife conservation for most of his career. 


Kumara works closely with National Parks management, cooordinates Rangers, helps to prevent poaching, and liaises with Federal government to enforce stringent border controls in order to protect Ethiopian Wildlife from destructive nomadic tribal movement, 


He is a true advocate for the Lion plight, and is core to the implementation team. He is based in Addis Ababa at the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority.

Adam Gray

Fundraising Consultant


Adam was born in Berkeley, California. He developed his schooling and life experiences in Yemen, India and Sudan and the USA. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in International Relations and Development from Ǻlborg University in Denmark.


Adam has lived and worked on four continents; he spent several years teaching and doing development work in Ethiopia where he worked for UNESCO IICBA and learned to speak Amharic.


Adam is a consultant and specialist on Fundraising, through traditional routes as well as crowdfunding.  He currently lives in Baltimore with his fiancée, Alexandra Isaacs.



Berta Armenteras Andreu

Chief Marketing Officer, Gorilla Corporation 


Berta has a background in Media and Communications. After achieving a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in the subject in Barcelona, she fast tracked her career in Paris, London and San Francisco, where she now leads Marketing and Operations within the Gorilla Group of companies. 


Her passion for wildlife conservation exhudes in her work for Lion conservation in Ethiopia. Berta will coordinate Public Relations and Marketing Communications for this Defend the Lion Program.