The last thousand Ethiopian Lions are being exterminated

Lion conservation is a highly complex matter in Ethiopia.


On the one hand it is the symbol of national pride and identity. On the other, it is indiscriminately being wiped out by pastoralists, nomadic herdsmen, by trophy hunters and through erosion of wild habitat.


Alchemy World Projects has been working in Ethiopia since 2006 on socio-economic development programs. Within its portfolio of projects it is now spearheading this Defend the Lion Campaign.



Your contribution can go far. Please help us deploy more rangers, anti poaching patrols,develop lion protection and community support programs. 

We need help from everyone: researchers, biologists, social scientists, business consultants, coaches, end especially fundraisers.  

Defending the Ethiopian lion is at the sharp edge of our mission.

Conserving nature and wildlife is not separate from poverty alleviation. We are striving to make a difference to both of these intricately interwoven issues.

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